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How We Make Your Mortgage Experience Easy

If you’re looking for a mortgage, let’s meet to discuss how I can help find the right mortgage at a competitive rate that suits your situation. Some clients talk themselves out of looking for a loan because they’re worried about a down payment or a potential credit issue. There’s no obligation, and I’d be happy to walk you through options from FHA and VA to down payment assistance programs. We’ve got access to strategies for improving your profile to lenders and finding programs you may not even know exist.



While I help borrowers find mortgages with competitive rates throughout Washington, I do have particular experience with some loans that other professionals may find too complex. I enjoy working with first-time buyers and have a great deal of experience helping borrowers finance a new home.

Veterans who may qualify for a conventional loan might be better served by a VA loan. I have niche expertise in VA loans and can navigate that complex process with efficiency. I also have experience with a USDA no money down program, designed for people in a low to medium income bracket.


Simple, Easy, and On Time

With years of experience and a great staff, we pride ourselves on making the mortgage process smooth, simple, and on time for closing. If you’re looking for a loan, just pick up the phone and let’s see how what I can do for you!

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